how we help

There's a lot to manage when caring for another.

We know the obstacles are daunting.  
  • The internet’s easy access to information can lead to misinformation that may send patients in the wrong direction for care.  
  • Health care professionals’ grinding jobs make it difficult to focus on patients’ needs and preferences when discussing treatment plans.

Better Outcomes: Recent research tells us that patients report high satisfaction if treatment plans reflect their emotions and preferences. In addition, their adherence to the treatment regimen increases and, in the long term, patients save money.  

Digital Innovation: Clinicians have used a traditional tool on a piece of paper, called a Shared Decision-Making Aid (SDM), to lay out options for patients as they struggle to understand their wants and needs from their health care teams.


At SDMCentral, we created a more convenient, quicker, and more robust process to leverage technology and trust in valued information. Led by our CEO Dan Guerra, Jr. and Dr. Don Bukstein, an international expert in Shared Decision-Making and SDMCentral’s chief medical officer, our team will guide your organization to a more convenient and comfortable journey in its quest for the management of chronic disease.  

Crowd-Sourced Validation: Our product distinguishes itself from other iterations because it validates the tool with physician experts and crowd-sourced feedback that can include your members, caregivers, families, and patients. Today, less than 10 percent of Shared Decision-Making tools are validated.  

Diversity Matters: We recruit diverse subject matter experts. For example, one recent client built a Shared Decision-Making Aid to help Black and LatinX patients with their decision about the COVID-19 vaccine.  

Your Pace: The process can take 60 days or six months. We work at your pace.


Valued Publications: SDMCentral also seeks publication of articles about a client’s SDM effort in peer-reviewed medical journals that are eager to chronicle the increasing trend of patient-physician partnerships. Organizations and their members report their visibility benefitted from the recognition.